About BMG

At BMG Informatics, we pride ourselves in providing complete end-to-end solutions to our clients and their IT needs. The philosophy of Open Source and Close Source guide us in achieving our mission of providing enterprise-class solutions to all our customers, irrespective of their size, origin and the audience they cater to.
We've worked extensively and adapted various projects to suit your needs. The list of our clients and solutions is endless. With your requirement, we identify the best suitable product and customize it to your needs.

Solution & Services

Any form of IT support is meaningless without an understanding of underlying hardware. This is where our focus on hardware support has positioned us uniquely as a “single point of contact” for most of your IT needs. Our other service offerings include, Facilities management, IT Enable Services, IT Consultancy, Software & Website Development, Visualization, Cloud Computing, IT Infrastructure Development, Third Party Maintenance, System Integration and Training & Education.

Our Alliances