System Integration

BMG Informatics is one of the leading systems integrator in the North Eastern Region. Our professional approach enables us to execute large-scale turnkey projects, right from conceptualization to implementation, very effectively. We design architecture which are highly scale-able with performance optimization. We ensure that the IT Infrastructure created by us meets desired standards for security, Reliability and Availability.

Using state-of-the-art and proven approaches, BMG delivers custom-designed solutions tailored for specific business needs. Its systems integration capabilities span the life cycle of a solution, from requirement analysis through solution development, installation, roll-out, and maintenance. BMG’s professionals are highly experienced in delivering a broad range of systems integration solutions including custom application development, package customization and integration, hardware and software component integration and project management.

BMG Informatics partners with the top best in breed product manufactures. Our approach is to support different practice areas. Each product is carefully selected for its unique value to a solution or deployment.

Our sales and technical team is thoroughly trained in all of our major products and are able to provide value in up front architecture planning and product selection.

“Customer care, quality and integrity” are the values on which BMG was built and the company’s commitment to these values has helped it to become one of leading IT company. BMG has the skills, the technology and domain expertise to design, deliver and support optimal IT solutions for vertical industry segments such as Education ,Banking and Finance, Manufacturing, Healthcare and Telecom etc.

BMG’s services meet the most stringent standards of quality and are delivered to schedule, enabling it to build long term relationships with customers.

Our mission is “to provide products and solutions that meet international quality standards backed by excellent service that shall bring substantial benefit to customers through lower TCO”. BMG’s employs well defined processes to ensure quality of their products. These processes are constantly monitored to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the operations. Customer service being the key focus area, the company has implemented world class customer service management systems.

BMG has created a paradigm in the IT industry where brands are no longer as important as integrating diverse building blocks to create comprehensive solutions.

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